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SVCC Services:

SVCC offers a number of different services for individuals or businesses. All SVCC services run on fast and reliable servers, built around the powerful Linux platform. They are located in secure, climate controlled locations that provide redundant power and internet connections to optimize your sites uptime. All SVCC websites and email accounts are backed up to tape to make sure your data is safe. For more information follow the links below or feel free to contact us with any questions and for pricing informaton. Find out more about webmail and try the demo!

  • Technology Consulting - Technology helps to increase your productivity and expand your capabilities, but often you need someone to guide you through the maze, and to make sure any new technologies integrate with your legacy systems. At SVCC this is our specialty. Anything that goes into your business: networking, computers, printers, telephones, faxes, productivity or security software, we will help to make sure you make the right decisions.
  • Web hosting featuring Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl.
  • Email with spam and virus filtering with SpamAssassin and ClamAV.
  • Webmail using the feature rich @mail webmail solution.
  • Periodic incremental offsite backups to our servers and tape archiving of your data.
  • Domain registration and DNS services. Along with our Web hosting, using SVCC's multiple servers for DNS gives you the flexibility to have unlimited FQDN's for your servers and websites. It also allows us to quickly adapt to ever changing internet standards that affects you and your domains, such as Yahoo's recent enforcement of a DomainKey for all incoming email.
  • Computer diagnosis and repair. We will build or service Macs or PC's. We know Mac OS 9 and OS X, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, and Vista.
SVCC Solutions:

Whatever your problems we have solutions that always have cost, security, and performance in mind. We specialize in integrating your existing legacy systems with the newest technology, and making your mixed Linux, Windows, and Mac environment work in perfect harmony. It's no boast when we say we can do anything and if we can't do it for you then we will direct you to a somebody who can. We always keep your best interests in mind. Take a look at what we can do for you and feel free to contact us with any questions and for pricing information.

  • Secure and scalable network, router, and firewall solutions.
  • Secure wide area networks (WAN) built around either SSL or IPSEC based VPN solutions.
  • Secure wireless networks and hotspots.
  • Reliable and fast fileservers built on the Samba platform.
  • Web proxying/caching.
  • DNS and DNS caching servers.
  • Web and application servers featuring Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl.
  • Corporate email servers designed to give you and your office the best in electronic communications to boost your businesses productivity.
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